Cute Doggy Date in Seoul

Have a boy (or girl) you’re interested in and don’t know where to take them in Seoul? Too nervous to speak? So awkward you can’t stop mentioning you’re too nervous to speak? Have a love for dogs? Well have I got the place to calm you down! It’s called the Bau House Dog Café.

There are many dog cafes in Seoul but this particular café is my favorite.

One of the reasons I really like this place is because there is ample space. Animal cafes have to have some space for the animals but I find that the other dog cafes I’ve been to weren’t at big as I had hoped. Since space isn’t available, there aren’t very many big dogs in the other cafes I’ve been to.

If you or your date like a mix of large and small dogs then Bau House is your perfect date spot because they have a separate section for both small and big dogs. Personally, I am a huge fan of that because, when I was dating, I could hang out with the smaller dogs while my date would usually walk after or play with the bigger dogs.

back in 2013 :)

back in 2013 🙂

This past weekend I went with my boyfriend as a surprise for him. He had never gone to a dog café (which I am still shocked at) and I thought Bau House would be perfect for him. He told me he wasn’t a big fan of big dogs and much preferred small dogs, so I asked to sit in the “small-dog” section. After a while he loved this café! He even took a chance to hang around the big dogs until the larger dogs were getting a little too noisy and playful.

My Boyfriend and I in Bau House for our date. He loved the smaller dogs :)

My boyfriend and I in Bau House for our date. He loved the smaller dogs 🙂

Recently my boyfriend got very sick but we were still able to meet for a date. I knew he might be a little irritable because of the pain so I though bringing him around cute dogs might help him feel a little better and it did! Add to the fact that he loves small dogs, the café is not too far from many great places to eat and has pretty good drinks, I think it’s a great place for a date or to hang out with your friends.

Unfortunately, going on a date here is not an original idea and animal cafes are known to be popular places for a date. This being the case, sometimes the wait time can be a little annoying but completely doable. Also be very aware of where you are stepping or sitting. Like any café with animals, these dogs sometimes do their business any and everywhere. So if you don’t watch where you step, you might step on an unpleasant surprise. The good news is that the staff is quick about dealing with the dogs’ business. They are also on top of breaking up any tension between some dogs and their rowdy/ loud habits..

Trust me, in no time all you can find yourself talking about is the cute dogs all around you! If you need a cute place for a date with a barking twist, Bau House is the place for you. You should give it a try and see how you like it.

Here is their Instagram: @dogcafe_bauhouse


Entrance fee: No standard price but you do have to buy a drink.

How to get there: Go to Hapjeong Station. Go out of exit 3 and immediately turn right when coming out of the exit and go straight. As you cross to the next street, immediately turn left. It’ll be on your right and it will say Bau House. Good luck!


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