Philly for your Seoul

The Rye Post Have you ever tasted an amazing Philly Cheese Steak sandwich? If you have , now imagine missing that magnificent slice of meaty heaven when you move half-way across the globe. If you live in Korea, I am sure that it’s one of the few foods that might be avoiding your thoughts because it’s hard to think of life in Korea without one.

My Philly cheesesteak meal in Seoul ^^

My Philly cheesesteak meal in Seoul ^^

Fear not! There is a place Seoul that will fill your cheesesteak and sandwich craving. This wonderful haven is called the Rye Post and it is located in Itaewon, Seoul. My friends and I first found out about the Rye Post a couple of weeks after arriving in Korea. My friend pointed out that this sandwich place located on some back alley was serving a Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich. My friends tried the sandwich and said it was all right. I, however, took note of the Philly Cheesesteak. In the U.S.A. I live about 15 minutes from Philadelphia, so I have had my share of amazing cheesesteaks. I could not be fooled so easily. I decided I would come back and try their cheesesteak. A few weeks later I caved and bought a cheesesteak, I have to say, that was the best decision I’ve ever made here while living in Korea. Everything about this sandwich tastes exactly like home. I have tried a few other places in Seoul including one in Gangnam (which was expensive) and another place in Itaewon. There is definitely no comparison. When you make a cheesesteak using a hotdog bun and cheese from a can, the taste is completely different. The other two places I tried were disappointing to me and definitely not worth the money. If you’re very hungry, food is food. But if you want a more authentic taste, I definitely would say the Rye Post is the place to try.

Rye Post logo

Rye Post logo

The Rye Post has changed location to the main street of Itaewon and the actual restaurant is pretty spacious with a much more varied menu. Although I can’t speak for the other sandwiches, I know I can trust them for their popular Philly Cheesesteak. Directions: Take the subway to Itaewon station and come out of exit 4. Walk straight down the block  for about 5 minutes and it will be on your left. You will be able to see the sign that says “Rye Post”. Here is their Facebook page sorry for my terrible directions T.T


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