Boyfriends and Churros

If you’ve been thinking about a place to have a tasty snack and a heartfelt conversation with a cute guy then this post might be for you.

After about 1 month into moving to Korea I did something called a “Zombie walk” with several friends right here in Seoul. The walk took place in Hongdae (Hongik University area) and we walked around in a large group of both foreigners and Koreans scaring the living day-lights out of people. I bring this up because during that walk, we walked right past a place called “Churro101”. If you don’t know what a churro is, well it’s basically deep-fried love with cinnamon sugar and can have any different kinds of fillings.

After coming across this place, it made an impression on my friends and I because of the slogan that came with the place. It reads, “Churros, better than boyfriend.” At the time, my friend and I completely agreed.



Fast forward to February 2014, I decided I hadn’t been there in so long I decided to take a guy I went on a date with. I’m not sure if it was the churros, the atmosphere or the 4 hours of conversation, but that was the beginning of crush developed on the guy that would become my now ex-boyfriend. I like to believe that the churros did help jump start my relationship though! Guys like churros!

I don’t like to associate bad feelings with places with good food so I also took several male and female friends there as well. Everyone who I have taken to eat churros or try the ice-cream there has loved it!

better than a boyfriend

Although the slogan says, “ It’s better than a boyfriend”, it ironically is a great couples’ spot. There have several items on the menu for couples to enjoy, but can just as well be enjoyed with friends.

I went on a date there recently with my boyfriend and he really recommended the mango smoothie. I took a sip and I had to agree, it was amazing.

However, there is only a small place in my heart for a mango smoothie in a churro place.

The churros are freshly made there and you can watch the staff make them. You can choose from a traditional churro with no filling and either cinnamon or regular sugar to a fancy churro with Philly cream cheese filling or Oreo cookies filling. Whatever you and your guest feel like having, just know that you can have ice-cream with that churro in order to make it feel like a super cute date. Would I recommend this place? Definitely!

posing with my sweet

posing with my sweet

Also there are several stores around Korea, but I specifically went to one in Hongdae.

Pros: Great atmosphere for both couples and friends, great churros and smoothies, had outdoor and indoor seating.

Cons: It’s basically hidden and you won’t be able to find it unless you really look out for their sign. There is limited seating indoors. I was definitely NOT a fan of their hot chocolate because of the bitter taste, some people like it but I was not one of them.

they're soooo good!

they’re soooo good!

Directions: Unfortunately besides walking out of exit 8 and turning the right on that corner and going straight, I don’t have the directions. I will try to go again soon and either take video or pictures to give better directions. I apologize.

Here is the official website:


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