5 Strange Questions Korean Kids Have Asked

I have been teaching in Korea for over a year and a half. When I first came to Korea and found out which school I was going to teach at, I was told to prepare a power point to introduce myself to my students. I put some basic information together like where I am from, where I lived in the U.S., what my family looks like and so on. When I finished my presentation my students had some interesting questions to ask me. I have compiled a short list from the last year and a half worth of questions. I hope you guys who are thinking of coming to Korea find this helpful!

1) Have you had plastic surgery?

One of my former 5th graders shocked the day lights out of my coteacher and I when he asked this. Apparently all of the students could not believe my “high nose-bridge” could be natural.


I told the kids I did not have plastic surgery and they were talking and consulting amongst themselves. I mean, c’mon kids, if I had plastic surgery I would look like Jessica Alba and not like myself!

2) What do you think of Korea after a Korean attacked the U.S. ambassador?

See this question wouldn’t seem strange under normal circumstances. However, my 5th graders’ previous questions were “Do you like cats? And “Do you like books?” To be honest, this took me completely by surprise, but I guess since I am American and the ambassador from the U.S. is (obviously) American, they thought maybe I felt some kind of animosity for all Koreans rather than just the lunatic who did that. I assured my students that I still liked Korea and Koreans and that I know it was an isolated case.

3) Would you consider dating a Korean man?

When one student first asked me this question, I have to admit, I really had no idea how to react. I wasn’t sure if I should tell them the truth and risk them saying something awkward like telling me they knew people who wanted to date foreigners

I don't trust you kids

I don’t trust you kids

( which some of my friends have had their students try to fix them on dates) or lie and make them think I didn’t like Korean men. So my response back then was “ uhhhhhh…….sure?”

That seemed to satisfy their sadistic ways!

4) What’s your boyfriend’s address?

Some of the new batch of 5th graders had a chance to ask any questions they wanted, and after they found out I had a Korean boyfriend, they went crazy with questions.

too embarrassed

One of the gems was “What’s his address?” This particular student wanted to know everything he possibly could about my boyfriend including where he lived. What would he need that kind of information for? Hmmm???

5) Do you have a daughter?

So after asking me if I had a husband and then a boyfriend, which I answered “no” at the time, one student took a shot in the dark and asked if I had a daughter. Why he specifically wanted to know if I had a daughter, I’ll never know but that was such a strange question to me. One of his classmates turned to him and said, “ If she doesn’t even have a boyfriend how can she have a daughter? Stupid!” I mean we know that it’s possible to have a child and no boyfriend or husband but it was kind of funny to see such innocence.

I skipped the basic questions that will most likely be asked which are:

How old are you?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you married?

Do you like Korean food?

How tall are you?

etc. Usually their questions aren’t as invasive or strange but just be prepared for the curveballs they may throw at you! Good luck!



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