Eye Surgery in Korea- EyeMedi Clinic

Ever since I first arrived in South Korea back in August of 2013, I’ve considered doing something about my terrible vision.  It has been almost two years and I finally took that step.

A few weeks ago I decided that I was to take the advice of all of my friends and get eye surgery now before I go back to the United States. The first problem that came up was trying to find a place to have it done. A friend of mine recommended the Eyemedi Clinic in Gangnam.

One Saturday afternoon, I went to the clinic as a walk-in hoping that I could at least make an appointment for an eye exam but was shocked to find out that I was able to see the eye doctor immediately. I asked him if I could receive surgery ASAP. He told me that I would have to go through a very thorough exam to make sure if I could even be a candidate for any eye surgery procedure. It really felt like an hour sped by doing different types of eye exams and the dilating drops made everything a little more complicated but by the end of the exams I found out that I was eligible for LASEK surgery.

After having been walked through what the procedure would be like, I made my decision to have the surgery a few days after the exam. The price was definitely on par with what I had read online. Since my surgery wasn’t LASIK it wasn’t the estimated $1,300 I had considered but maybe around $200 more expensive, which isn’t all that bad considering what I would have paid had I gotten the procedure done in the United States.

When the day for surgery came I was accompanied by one of my best friends. Although I was assured that I could go home without help after the surgery ( I live about 45 to 50 minutes on the other side of Seoul by train) my friends were being very cautious and suggested that I bring along a friend to either take me home or to stay over at their home.


I did have to buy the medicated eye drops separately at a nearby pharmacy but they weren’t that expensive. They were roughly less than $50 and were very useful.

eye dropsoutside of case

When it came time to actually go through the surgery I was kind of nervous I must admit. I was cleaned and prepped for the surgery.

surgery prep

Pre surgery pic

I laid on the bed and waited for the doctor to come in.


The surgery wasn’t painful or bad, it was just a bit uncomfortable because of the suspense. I have to say the most uncomfortable part was feeling an ice cold wind blowing into my eye.  This feeling aside, it honestly was a quick and painless process.  After a little less than twenty minutes, the surgery was finished and I was allowed to sit and rest for a little while.

It’s been about three weeks after the surgery and I have definitely been healing pretty well. The first two days were pretty tough because my eyes felt itchy and sometimes had a little pain, but I did sleep fabulously! One of the down sides to it was that I couldn’t wash my face for about a week because I had lenses that helped protect my eyes.

Now that I am basically allowed to do anything but drive, go swimming and a few other things I don’t already do which is why I can’t remember. I have been noticing that slowly my eye sight is definitely getting better as the days go by!

It might take a little longer for my results to come in and truly see how well I can see without glasses but I honestly think I made the right choice getting LASEK surgery. If you’re at all on the fence about it because of the pain or you’re afraid of the risks involved, I would say definitely check it out first. If you’re in Korea then I suggest going to the Eyemedi Clinic in Gangnam! They will do a thorough examination before they can promise you any kind of surgery. You are in safe hands my friends!



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