Cereally? A Cereal Cafe

I have been trying to find interesting places, restaurants or cafes in the Seoul area that I might have skipped or have recently popped up. Seoul may be a large city, but it seems like everyone has visited the same place a hundred times.


I rarely rely on YouTubers for unique ideas of places to visit in Seoul, because it’s rarely a place that other foreigners haven’t seen of heard of. But this time, I went against my gut instinct and looked on YouTube. I was not disappointed!

How about going on a romantic date with someone to a café that specializes in cereal? It sounds more like something you would do with a bestie after sleeping over at their house. Nothing special, right? WRONG!


So many of the cereals we take for granted in the U.S. (Corn Pops, Trix, Froot Loops, Chex, Cheerios, etc.) aren’t sold in South Korea. If you are lucky enough to live on base or have friends in the military then you have access to American cereals, but there is no such chance for the regular people. Two years ago, I was lucky enough to see some American cereals from time to time at the E-mart, Homeplus or Costco but as of lately they have almost disappeared. Having said all that, as soon as I found out that I could go to a café that had all kinds of American cereal, I jumped on board.



Going to the café was a little complicated for me, so I brought along a Korean friend that had a great sense of direction. We met between line 7 and line 3 Apgujeong Station. It was a bit of a walk from the station to the café and it was tucked away. Honestly this was definitely not a place that sticks out.


The Midnight Seoul café didn’t look like what I imagined a cereal café would look like. If anything, it had a bit of a dark/hip hop feel to it, like a club. From the people working there to the color scheme of the café to the “Shit Happens” signs hanging in neon lights, it was definitely not what I would have expected.


As far as choices of cereal, it was beautiful. It was such a blessing to see so many cereal choices on the wall. When you order your cereal you are given a paper to fill out which cereal you want, if you want to mix cereals, what toppings you want on your cereal and even what kind of milk or yogurt you want with your cereal. Rather than a place to eat cereal, this started to sound more like an ice-cream parlor.


Being the type of person I am, I cannot mix anything that is food related, so I ordered Froot Loops with regular milk and my friend decided to go the brave route and mix two cereals with yogurt and chocolate.


As we waited for the people at the front to prepare our cereals we had a chance to take some pictures and video of the café.

The space was incredibly small, so there is no way that a large group of friends could go. This café is clearly meant for you to eat your cereal, talk a little and leave.


Less than ten minutes later our cereal arrived inside what looked like a Chinese takeout box along with milk in a fancy glass. It was interesting to see. We weren’t sure if we could pour the milk inside the take-out box without it spilling out. Luckily it didn’t and we were able to enjoy our cereal accompanied by a very strange conversation. It is never a dull time in Seoul!

It may not be incredibly romantic but you better believe that most of the people in the café were couples. Something about eating cereal in a dark room brings out the sexy in everyone. So if you’re thinking about wanting to go to an interesting café, why not Midnight Seoul? Have some Trix in a take out box with your conversation! It is definitely something to experience if you haven’t tried it before.


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