Finishing the Stories~~

So I have been getting some messages and questions about the stories with the hagwon I used to work in and what happened with that as well as what happened to the story of my first ex-friend. Unfortunately, as many of you may know, I have been very busy so I have not had time to finish writing what happened. Instead of continuously dragging the story out because of my writer’s block, laziness and lack of time, I decided to make a youtube channel. Now you can watch me in all of my awkwardness tell fantastic stories of love and loss and anger. So many emotions to sort through.

Image result for gif lazy

This is my intro video 🙂 Please stay tuned. Seeing as I have some free time thanks to desk warming at my school, I will be able to make a few videos and write some blog posts ! I am a blogger at heart so I will always prefer to write over making videos so I will continue to make blog posts when I have some time! Hopefully this time I can write a lot before I leave South Korea.



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