Quitting Again?

So a bit contrary to what the title implies, this is more of a story about how I almost quit my second public school job. Along with the story I am going to tell you, there was a lot more to my coteacher than just what I mention in the video.


One of the things I did not mention in the video (due to time) was that my coteacher made it her duty to take me out to dinner almost every week and insisted on paying for it. It doesn’t sound bad but of course I then feel like I owe her something. When I tried to refuse she someone managed to latch herself on to me and give me rides or ask if I needed to be taken somewhere. It didn’t annoying until she started taking me to coffee shops and other places to talk to me about her religion. I never tried to fight her on any of these issues but she told me she actually thought arguing about religion was fairly healthy.


All I knew was that I did not want to continue talking about religion. However she pursued. Sometimes after classes of when we got coffee together she would bring up religion and politics and tell me how I needed Jesus in my life. I was seriously getting fed up and tried avoiding her. She did not allow that. It got to the point that every conversation we had turned to religion. She called me a pagan and a non-believer to try to get me to argue back. I couldn’t take her anymore. And that’s how I think things spiraled out of control into the fight we had about halloween. Talk about a crazy start to the year.


Luckily everything has gotten way better between us and after having another coteacher talk to her, we are on good terms and she never talks about religion to me.


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