Klair’s Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum // Favorite Face Products

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while. However, this blog is going to be dedicated to some of the skin products I have been using over the last few months and found that I really liked them!

Klair’s Freshly Juiced Drop Vitamin C Serum

I was searching on the Internet for Korean skin products that would help my skin. That’s when I came across these concentrated vitamin c drops. There was an interesting blog review about this product so it caught my eye. A few weeks before I had been reading about the benefits of vitamin C on skin and wanted to try it out. Before trying these drops I tried the Vitamin C mask from Innisfree. I liked the feeling overall after I tried the mask so I wanted to move on to the concentrated drops.


When I found out where I could buy it, I jumped at the chance! Unfortunately, it was a little hard to find. This isn’t a product that you can find in a big makeup retail store so it took a little research. The closest store had sold out of this product, so I had to go to the Myeongdong branch.

I can see why the blogger who wrote about it was amazing and why they had sold out.


When I first tried it felt a little oily but it absorbed well into my skin. The directions suggested using a face cream mixed with the drops if you have sensitive skin. It also suggested using only 3 drops if you have sensitive skin. At first I used it very cautiously to make sure I didn’t break out. After about a week of not seeing any breakouts, I decided to put a few more drops on my face. It has easily become part of my routine.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-07-04-22-52-10


I can honestly see how my skin looks healthy and feels softer than before. I feel like it has definitely helped with evening out my complexion too, but I am so amazed how well it has worked along with my face cream! In just 2 months my face has decreased the amount of breakouts and gotten drastically softer!


SkinFood Aqua Grape Bounce Cream


Ever since I bought something from Skin Food and got this cream as a sample, I loved it. The smell is amazing and it leaves my face feeling incredibly hydrated. I am more in love with the smell than anything. Usually, if the cream has a light but good fragrance, there is a good chance I will try it. That being said, my skin can be quite sensitive so I try to be careful. I tried the sample and immediately noticed that I loved the smell and feeling over a similar face cream I had from Innisfree.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-07-04-22-52-03


The actual cream itself feels almost like water when you put it on your face. It leaves your face feeling and looking moist. For me personally, I was never a real fan of creams that feel like water when you out them on your face because the “dewy” look is not one I really like, but I really like this cream. When I first went in to buy the cream, the sales woman made sure to emphasize that it was also good for wrinkles. I have been using it for only two months so I can’t really tell if there has been much improvement in that area. Though one thing I have noticed is that my skin has definitely gotten softer. It might be the cream or a combination of this face cream and the vitamin c drops but there has been a change in my skin.


As I keep coming across different products I would love to blog about it more! Similar to my previous post about the Troiareuke A+ Cushion, I try to use the products for a good amount of time before I give a recommendation or even talk about my experience. I still use and love that cushion by the way! Hopefully this came across as helpful. Being that I am still new to skin care, it might help others who are just starting out as well. Luckily I live in the land of skin care and I will find more amazing products to talk about!


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