Learning When to Say “No” in Korea: Dating in Korea

I have a story that is part of my series of ‘Dating in Korea’. So going back to last year while I was dealing with my monstrous hagwon, I was also having a difficult time with my then boyfriend. (If you read my blog post here you can see I slightly touched on it but I have yet to tell you guys what happened.) After so much stress and fighting, I decided to end the relationship. Needless to say, I was depressed and lost for a little while.

The first couple of days were gut-wrenchingly awful but after a week or so I started to become numb to my broken heart, or so I thought. I had my friends I could talk to but it was a difficult time for all of us because of that school, so the loneliness hit me pretty hard.


I know how people always say that you shouldn’t try to find a partner when you feel lonely, but let’s be honest, I feel like plenty of people fall into that hole. I was no exception. I wanted to fill that void that he had left and I just wanted to ease my mind a little bit.

Times were especially rough then because I had not only quit my job but I was being forced to stay in Korea for almost a month after due to some visa issues. I had to budget very wisely and still find a place to stay while I was going through a visa process. It was all incredibly stressful.

So 2 weeks before I finished my last day at the hagwon, I went shopping to take my mind off my breakup. After a grueling 4 to 5 hours’ worth of walking and shopping, I decided to get a quick bite for dinner. I didn’t know it then but one of the people sitting next to me had decided he wanted to talk to me and waited until I finished eating.

Here’s a video explaining what happened.

The last thing I wanted to touch upon was that I wish I could have told myself to just turn him down from the beginning. I know it had a lot to do with feeling a little better by getting attention when I was feeling down, but it really wasn’t worth all that came after.


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